Geoffrey Key lives and works in the North West of England. His work is exhibited and collected worldwide and spans a range of artistic disciplines and media.

Geoffrey Key was born in 1941, in Manchester, England. His early education was at Manchester’s High School of Art. In 1958 he commenced degree and post graduate studies at the Manchester Regional College of Art. There he gained the National Diploma of Design and the Diploma of Associateship of Manchester; the latter with distinction, leading to a postgraduate scholarship in sculpture at Manchester. His academic awards include the Heywood Medal in Fine Art and the Guthrie Bond Travelling Scholarship.

From the late 1950s work begins to be collected by private, corporate and public collectors and galleries.  Having known his vocation since childhood, Key embarks on a professional career as an artist, imbued with basic aims of being true to himself; avoiding artistic influence and fashion; and maintaining honesty and integrity.  These enduring principles, coupled with the love of life so evident in his work have led to a strong, loyal and ever-growing following amongst so many who appreciate fine art.  During his career he has built a prestigious record of successful solo exhibitions across the UK and internationally.  His work continues to be widely sought and made available to collectors.

Pressed to speak about his work, Geoffrey Key comments “I love life… I love the joys of being alive. I try to paint happy pictures.”