This is the studio site, providing information and showing illustrative examples of work by Geoffrey Key.  Many more examples can be seen by a general online search for ‘Geoffrey Key’. Work isn’t available for public sale from the studio or this site.

Do please look online for commercial galleries exhibiting Geoffrey Key’s available work. Commercial galleries are of course free to visit and are sources of not only the work itself but also valuable information and advice.

Collectors have been acquiring his work since the inception of Geoffrey Key’s career in the 1960s.  There is therefore a formidable body of work out in the world, examples from which change hands from time to time at auction.  Details of auction houses specialising in contemporary British art in general and Geoffrey Key’s work in particular can also be found by online search.

Publicly owned Key oil paintings, with information about where they are held, can be seen at Art UK.

Since 2000 we have been routinely photographing and recording pictures and sculpture for the now established studio database.  This is a unique identifier, beginning GK and ending with a two-digit year date. It provides access information for what will ultimately form the catalogue raisonné of Key’s work and thus is important provenance.  We are grateful to all who have kindly provided images of, or access to, earlier works in their collections which would be otherwise un-recorded.  Should you possess a work by Geoffrey Key that is missing such a reference, do please contact the studio via the contact page.