Artist Geoffrey Key Official Website

Artist Geoffrey Key official website


British Painter & Sculptor

Geoffrey Key Sculptures

If Geoffrey Key’s art captures and holds movement within a canvas, then his highly-collectable sculpture sets it free

His horses look like they may prance off the stand at any moment, while his people rise organically out of the ground beneath them.

Geoffrey Key Sculpture horse
Sculpture figure Geoff Key

Sculpture portfolio

Please note artwork is not available direct from Geoffrey Key or this website

Female sculpture

Female figures

Terracota 1981

Horse sculpture with rider

Horse and rider

Bronze 1985

Totem head sculpture

Totem head

Limewood 1986

Girl with flowers by Geoff Key

Girl with flowers

Sycamore 1985

Torso sculpture


Aluminium 1985

Warrior sculptures by Geoffrey Key


Bronze 1964



Bronze 1985


Bronze 1978

Pierrot head


Bronze 2001