Artist Geoffrey Key Official Website

Artist Geoffrey Key official website


British Painter & Sculptor


NEW Goth

A series of artworks by Geoffrey Key

Published 2023, signed limited edition of 500

Geoffrey Key Book

Key Decades

A full retrospective

Published 2022, hardback - signed limited edition of 500

Isolated Heads by Geoffrey Key

Isolated Heads

A series of oil paintings by Geoffrey Key

Published 2020, hardback - signed limited edition of 500

Mr Key Painting canvas
Artist Geoffrey Key sitting in studio

Feature artworks

Card players

The card players: Mixed media 2019

Starlight oil painting

Starlight: Oil on canvas 2015

Horses with sun

Horses with sun: Oil on canvas 2018

Nab meeting: Oil on canvas 1965

Kitchen still life: Oil on canvas

Isolated Heads

Isolated Heads: Oil on canvas

2015 Infinite Jest

A number of books have been published on the subject of work by Geoffrey Key, including

Geoffrey Key Infinite Jest

Clowns, jesters and the commedia dell’arte published 2015.

Hardback 236pp fully illustrated

Infinite Jest

Infinite Jest: Over 185 full colour images

The 2011 signature book

The largest collection of Geoffrey Key's work

Published 2011, hardback fully illustrated (over 450 colour images)

Judith O'Leary Geoffrey Key Signature book

Published 2010, hardback, fully illustrated
Concentrating on a single series of works produced during the summer of that year – dreamlike depictions of birds sharing scenes with figures, sculpture, the sun and moon.

Birds 2010: Geoffrey Key

Geoffrey Key Paintings
Published 2008, hardback, fully illustrated
Sister publication to 20th Century Drawings, see below) a festival of form, light and colour

Paintings: Geoffrey Key

Geoffrey Key Images
Published 2004
A book of paintings by Geoffrey Key selected from work in private collections, accompanied by poems and quotes.  It celebrates the life of Geoffrey’s late mother, Marion. The book was produced in support of St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice, who received all revenue from sales.
Artists Signature book by Geoffrey Key

SOLD OUT – Resale copies occasionally appear online

20th Century Drawings
Published 2002, soft back
206pp fully illustrated 

SOLD OUT – Resale copies occasionally appear online

Published 2001, soft back
First publication of a single series of Key’s work, covering paintings and drawings from the iconic clowns series of that year.
Clowns art portfolio

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