Artist Geoffrey Key Official Website

Artist Geoffrey Key official website


British Painter & Sculptor

Geoffrey Key landscapes

The landscapes painted by Geoffrey Key create a new view of the world 

Backlit cloud, a mill chimney and church spire piercing the skyline, or a simple millstone grit escarpment bring wonderment to the viewer.

Landscapes portfolio

Please note artwork is not available direct from Geoffrey Key or this website

Winter oil

Oil 1987

Edge of the moor

Oil 2006

Nab flowers

Oil 1967


Oil 1988

River Amstel

Oil 1982

Birch Church

Oil 1963

Hillside fields

Oil 2001

Nab moon

Oil 1964

Nocturne in red

Oil 1992

Trafford Park

Oil 1986

Derbyshire Level

Oil 1960

Hong Kong street market

Oil 1994


Oil 1964


Oil 1965


Oil 1971