Artist Geoffrey Key Official Website

Artist Geoffrey Key official website


British Painter & Sculptor

Geoffrey Key figures

Geoffrey Key’s strong, dynamic figures have a huge appeal and are widely collected.

From a woman reclining on her bed to a group of commuters pushing forward to reach their train, there is a life and boldness to these paintings that makes the viewer want to be step into the frame and be part of the composition.

Figures portfolio

Please note artwork is not available direct from Geoffrey Key or this website


Oil 2023

Arm arch and blackbird

Oil 1988

Figures in a landscape

Oil 1966

Head with flowers

Oil 1986

Nab meeting

Oil 1965

Goth 1

Oil 2023

Oil painting Geoffrey Key Bathers


Oil 1982

Garden figures

Oil 1976


Oil 1978

Standing nude

Oil 1977

Goth 4

Oil 2023

Figure with urns

Oil 1973

Girl with yellow hair

Oil 1988

Nab dance

Oil 1967

Tree figures

Oil 1965